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The Poetry Archive of NZ Aotearoa (PANZA) now has over 5,000 titles.

Thanks to all those who have donated to the Archive over the past year.

The Poetry Archive of New Zealand catalogue has now been significantly updated to reflect new acquisitions March-May.

Recent acquisitions include donations from Graeme Lindsay (Australia), Mark Young, Wilsonville Collective, Phantom Billstickers, Alistair Paterson and a sizeable donation of around 300 titles from John Quilter, Quilters Bookshop. Dr Michael O’Leary’s publication of Dr Tony Taylor’s 1964 New Zealand conversations with John Lennon has also been received and includes O’Leary’s poem tribute to Lennon.

The Archive began in February 2010 with around 3,000 titles and has grown substantially in the past year. PANZA would particularly like to thank Auckland poet, editor and novelist Alistair Paterson, Wellington poet/publisher Mark Pirie, Wellington publisher Roger Steele, Cecilia Johnson and the late New Zealand anthologist, poet and memoirist Harvey McQueen for their sizeable contributions to the fast-growing collection.

A full list of donations is listed in each issue of Poetry Notes, the PANZA newsletter.


PANZA acknowledges the sudden death of one of New Zealand poetry’s regional generals, John O’Connor.

For many years, John was involved with the Canterbury Poets’ Collective in the organisation of readings and publications. As an editor, he is best known for the Sudden Valley Press, the journal plainwraps and Poets Group in Christchurch. John was a tireless worker for poets in Canterbury.

As a poet, he held an international reputation as one of New Zealand’s best haiku poets and was a technically accomplished, valued and skilled poetry practitioner and critic.

John published many volumes of his poetry since the 1970s. His last collection Whistling in the Dark (HeadworX) came out last year.

All those he helped, published and supported in New Zealand poetry circles will miss John.

A write up on John will appear in the Winter edition of Poetry Notes, the PANZA newsletter.