PANZA is pleased to announce that they have donated the following titles to the Poetry Library in London during July 2011.

A majority of the books donated were from the late Harvey McQueen’s collection given to PANZA, and others are from PANZA’s own collection where there were duplicate copies of some titles available. It’s great to be sending them to the prestige Poetry Library where they will be well looked after in the future.

PANZA hopes this donation will lead to further interest in New Zealand poetry.

In total 177 books were donated. The oldest donated title was Alexander and Currie’s selection of 19th century poetry, New Zealand Verse, 1906, published in London. Most of the books were recent volumes and published by leading NZ poetry publishers Steele Roberts, HeadworX, VUP, Sudden Valley Press, Hazard Press, Seraph Press and Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop.

Books by well-known New Zealand poets like Denis Glover, Kevin Ireland, Glenn Colquhoun, Gregory O’Brien, Jenny Bornholdt, Alistair Paterson, Vincent O’Sullivan, Louis Johnson, David Eggleton, Meg Campbell and Alistair Te Ariki Campbell were among the donations.

Here is a full list of the titles donated:



Harvey McQueen, The New Place anthology
– Oasis Motel
– Stoat Spring
– Pingandy: New and Selected Poems
– Against the Maelstrom
– Recessional (2 copies)
Tony Beyer, The Century
Basim Furat, No Boat May Allow Drowning to Vanish
Moshe Liba, The estuary of Komo
– Over the Waters
Harry Ricketts, Nothing to Declare: Selected Writings 1977-1997
– Coming Here
Michael O’Leary, Livin ina Aucklan
– Make Love and War – lending copy
Richard von Sturmer, Suchness
Paul Hardacre, The year nothing
Scott Kendrick, Rhyme before reason
Yilma Tafere Tasew, Thank you, thank you! Vol 1.
Iain Sharp, The Singing Harp
Stephen Oliver, Earthbound Mirrors
– Election year blues
– Harmonic
– Ballads, Satire and Salt
– Unmanned
Tim Jones, Boat People
Helen Rickerby, abstract internal furniture
Robin Fry, daymoon
Niel Wright, Only a bullet will stop me now (2 copies)
– Wellington Panorama (in 4 volumes set)
Andrew Fagan, Take the chocolates and run
– Overnight downpour
Leonard Lambert, Natural Anthem
– Skywire
Mark Pirie, London Notebook – lending copy
– Wellington Fool
– Slips: cricket poems
– Poems for Poets
– No Joke – lending copy
– Dumber – lending copy
– Bookmarks: anthology
– Poetrywall: anthology
– Poetrymath: anthology
– Voyagers: SF poetry anthology (with Tim Jones) – lending copy
– The NeXt Wave: anthology – lending copy
– TOM – lending copy
Alistair Campbell, The Dark Lord of Savaiki: sequence


Vivienne Plumb, Nefarious
– Scarab
Meg Campbell, Resistance – 2 copies
– Orpheus
Various, First Wgtn Intl Poetry Festival anthology
L E Scott, A day in history anthology
– Earth Colours: Selected Poems
– Speaking in Tongues
Bernard Gadd, Our bay of ensigns
– End of the snapshots: selected poems
– Oracle Bones
Terry Locke, Maketu
Alistair Paterson, Africa//Kabbo Mantis and the Porcupine’s daughter 
– Summer on the Côte d’Azur
Alistair Campbell, Kapiti: selected poems
Jenny Powell, Hats
– Four French Horns
Tony Chad, Self-titled
Laura Solomon, in vitro
Gregory O’Brien, afternoon of an evening train
– Winter I Was
– Location of the least person
Riemke Ensing, Talking Pictures: selected poems – lending copy
David Patterson, Up over Alpha
Jonathan Fisher, The sun is darker
Jenny Bornholdt, Summer
– These days
Alison Wong, Cup
Anna Smaill, The Violinist in Spring
Vincent O’Sullivan, Seeing you asked
David Mitchell, Pipe dreams in Ponsonby
Glenn Colquhoun, How we fell
Tim Upperton, A house on fire
Janet Charman, 2 deaths in 1 night
David Eggleton, Rhyming Planet
David Howard, Shebang: Collected Poems 1980-2000
Jack Ross, Chantal’s Book
Roma Potiki, Shaking the tree
Noel Ginn, Dweller on the threshold
Jan FitzGerald, Flying against the arrow
Julie Liebrich, Land below the waves
Kate Camp, Beauty Sleep
Kevin Ireland, Walking the land
James McNaughton, I want more sugar
Kerry Popplewell, Leaving the Tableland
Douglas Wright, Laughing Mirror


Mark Pirie, Shoot – lending copy
Louis Johnson, Fires and Patterns
– broadsheet No. 2 Louis Johnson issue
Barbara Strang, The Corrosion Zone – 2 copies
Alistair Paterson, Qu’appelle
– Caves in the Hills
– Summer on the Côte d’Azur – lending copy
Niel Wright, The Pop Artist’s Garland: Selected Poems 1952-2009 – lending copy
Tim Jones, All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens
Michael O’Leary, Toku Tinihanga: Selected Poems 1982-2002 – lending copy
L E Scott, Earth Colours: Selected Poems – lending copy
Tony Beyer,
Dream Boat: Selected Poems – lending copy
Stu Bagby, as it was in the beginning
Various, Big Sky: A Collection of Canterbury Poems
Pat White, Drought and other intimacies
– Cut across the grain
Laura Solomon, in vitro – lending copy
Charles Doyle, Messages for Herod
Alan Loney, Missing Parts
Bub Bridger, Up here on the hill
– Wild Daisies: Best of Bub Bridger
Elizabeth Smither, You’re very seductive William Carlos Williams
Tony Beyer, The Singing Ground
Martha Morseth, staying inside the lines
Hugh Lauder, Over the white wall
Simon Williamson, 25 cars
Gordon Challis, Building
Harvey McQueen, Goya Rules
Vivienne Plumb, Salamanca
Peter Olds, Music Therapy
Graham Billing, Changing Countries
Rosalie Carey, Winterless North
Laura Ranger, Laura’s Poems
Hubert Witheford, A Native, Perhaps Beautiful
– The Falcon Mask
Gary McCormick, Zephyr
Helen Jacobs, This cording, this artery
Charles Doyle, Recent Poetry in NZ anthology
Vincent O’Sullivan, Revenants
Denis Glover, Wellington Harbour
– Sharp edge up: verses and satires
James Bertram, New Zealand Love Poems anthology
Various, New Zealand Verse 1906 anthology
Gloria Rawlinson, The Perfume Vendor
Michael N. Rhodes, Lines written in a mental hospital
Amelia Herrero-Kidman, Pages for the stage
Various, Tiger Words: Paekakariki Poets at Pukapuka
John Ellis, Loud Quiet Song


John O’Connor, Cornelius & Co.: Collected Working Class Verse (2 copies)
– Parts of the moon: selected haiku and senryu 1988-2007
– Working Voices (with Eric Mould)
Simon Williamson, 25 cars – lending copy
Helen Rickerby, My Iron Spine (2 copies)
Jenny Powell,Viet Nam
– Four French Horns – lending copy
– Locating the Madonna (with Anna Jackson) (2 copies)
Bernard Gadd, Pokeno Opposes the Kaiser
– Debating Stones
Vivienne Plumb, Crumple (2 copies)
– Scarab – lending copy
– Nefarious – lending copy
Tim Jones, All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens – lending copy
– Boat People – lending copy
Basim Furat, No Boat May Allow Drowning to Vanish – lending copy
Here and There – lending copy
Tony Beyer
, The Singing Ground – lending copy
Jill Chan, These Hands are Not Ours
Vana Manasiadis
, Ithaca Island Bay Leaves (2 copies)
Scott Kendrick, Cold Comfort Cold Concrete (2 copies)
– Rhyme before reason – lending copy
Harry Ricketts, Your Secret Life – lending copy
Mark Pirie, Reading the Will – lending copy
– Bottle of Armour: Early Poems 1992-1993
– Mahones anthology (with Bill Dacker, Michael O’Leary and Iain Sharp)
– JAAM 21: Greatest Hits: An anthology of writing 1984-2004 (with Michael O’Leary) – lending copy