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The Poetry Archive of New Zealand catalogue has been significantly updated to reflect many new acquisitions in December and January. Thanks to everyone who has donated books and periodicals.

The fourth issue of the newsletter from Poetry Archive of New Zealand Aotearoa is available now for download as a pdf. Inside Summer 2011, volume 1, issue 4: Tim Jones interviews Kerry Popplewell; classic New Zealand poetry by Marjory Nicholls; Poetry Archive depositor Harvey McQueen dies; eulogies for Harvey McQueen by Ian Wedde, Mark Pirie and Vincent O’Sullivan; comment by Fiona Kidman on Harvey McQueen’s These I Have Loved and Ron Riddell on a poetry gathering at Jerusalem on the Wanganui River; PANZA member reviewed in America; new publication by PANZA member: These I Have Loved: My Favourite New Zealand Poems: an anthology edited by Harvey McQueen; recently received donations; about the Poetry Archive.